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TRIfA Tox Client
Version: 1.0.119
Added: 17-06-2017
Updated: 04-10-2021
TRIfA - A New Kind of Instant Messaging

Whether it's corporations or governments, digital surveillance today is widespread.

Tox is easy-to-use software that connects you with friends and family without anyone else listening in.

While other big-name services require you to pay for features, Tox is completely free and comes without advertising — forever.


Everything you do with Tox is encrypted using open-source libraries. The only people who can see your conversations are the people you're talking with.


Tox has no central servers that can be raided, shut down, or forced to turn over data — the network is made up of its users. Say goodbye to server outages!


Tox is free software. That's free as in freedom, as well as in price. This means Tox is yours — to use, modify, and share — because Tox is developed by and for the users.

More Information:

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