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Let's see if your favourite YouTube content is available on LBRY
Version: 1.1.2
Added: 14-01-2021
Updated: 09-09-2021
When you open a YouTube link, this app will check if this content is available on LBRY. You then get to choose whether to open it with the LBRY app or with YouTube.

• Works on videos as well as channels
• Either click a YouTube URL, or use the "Share" functionality
• Works with every channel which uses the LBRY Sync program
• Free and open-source software, see code here:

This app is not affiliated with LBRY Inc. or the LBRY Foundation. Read more about LBRY on

Non-Free Network Services: This app might make network connections to YouTube in order to scan a channel's ID. It also relies on the API provided by the LBRY x YouTube Sync service, which is run by LBRY Inc. Of course, the LBRY protocol itself is completely decentralized and open source.

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