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Upgrade your mobile device to a full-fledged tricorder
Version: 5.2.3
Added: 14-01-2017
Updated: 13-01-2019
A Trycorder with sci-fi like looking and sensors, communication, remote-control
between all trycorders on the planet through the use of a tryserver.

With this Trycorder, You can do the following:

* Look, feel, and sound like the federation trycorder.
* Fits in your pocket, so you can beam out on demand.
* Scan your environment, temperature, pressure, light, magnetic, gravity, orientation,...
* Control the device by voice-command. (Press top left, and say "computer fire" or "computer beam me up" for example)
* Take pictures and recordings from your findings on new planets.
* Remote control your own starship, fire, communications, shields, transporter, viewer, ... (You have to provide the starship, and make sure it is on the wifi router that you use).
* Chat with other Trycorder users all around the planet.
* Consult logs of operations. View the pictures and recordings you got back from your away mission.
* View Magnetic, Orientation, Gravity, Temperature sensors values drawn in the sensor area.
* View Phaser, Torpedo, Transporter operation in your sensor screen.
* View Shields, Communication Waveform, Tractor Beam sensor animation on your sensor screen.
* The application is usable in space, provided your phone is space-proof, and you wear a space-suit.
* The application can be adapted easily for different starships remote protocols.
* For captains only: Crew Information and Evaluation module. (to be found under logs/crew) (Contacts access)
* And many more to come ...
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