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Small and simple VNC client.
Version: 0.7.6
Added: 07-01-2021
Updated: 25-01-2021
Fork of enhanced for newer Android releases. Uses Material Design for the connection UI and Gradle to build. Converted from Eclipse to Android Studio project. Most of the features of the original are not there yet. It was tested on a Galaxy Tab S6 and a Pixel 4.

This project was created with the goal of getting a workable VNC client on android to use my Galaxy Tab S6 with its Keyboard Book Cover as a linux machine. All other clients I've tested would not accept certain Hardware keys (like AltGr or combinations) and thus were not usable for serious Work.

Currently the client fits the framebuffer to the display size (thus no zooming and panning at the moment).

Screenshot of TSVNC Screenshot of TSVNC Screenshot of TSVNC
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