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An RSS reader for Tiny Tiny RSS
Version: 1.96.6
Added: 22-01-2011
Updated: 07-06-2021
An offline reader that works with the Tiny Tiny RSS (also known as ttrss or
tt-rss) web-based feed reader/aggregator.


* Swipe for faster browsing
* Optional navigation with volume-buttons
* View and download attached media files
* Cache articles and images locally
* Share URLs
* Easily mark things as read, starred or publish/comment them
* SSL with self-signed certificates
* Fast JSON-Parsing with stream-based parser GSON
* Scheduled updates via Tasker/Locale
* Layout optimized for tablets
* Dark and light themes available
* many more, Changelog and Feature-List can be found on the project-page...
Screenshot of TTRSS-Reader Screenshot of TTRSS-Reader Screenshot of TTRSS-Reader
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