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Musical instrument pitch tuning
Version: 1.42
Added: 27-02-2013
Updated: 17-09-2021
Accordion tuner with scope, spectrum and strobe or staff.
Can show up to eight different notes or reeds concurrently.

In portrait the app shows a scope with the input signal, a spectrum
showing the processed signal, the main display with the note value,
cents error, frequency error etc, a strobe or staff display and a
meter display showing the cents error. In landscape the app shows just
the main display or staff and the meter. There is a signal indicator
in the action bar which is useful in landscape mode.

* 32 temperaments including Equal, Just, Pythagorean, Meantone
* Filter options, including low pass, fundamental, note and octave filter
* Optional strobe or musical staff display
* Custom temperaments option
* Transposition option
* Solfège (DoRéMi) option

Screenshot of Tuner Screenshot of Tuner Screenshot of Tuner
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