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A minimalistic pitch tuning app for Guitar, Bass and Ukulele.
Version: 1.0.6
Added: 07-01-2021
Updated: 17-09-2021
Tunerly is a minimalistic, multi-language pitch tuning app which can be used for tuning your Guitar, Bass or Ukulele to various different tunings. It also includes a chromatic tuner. Currently supported languages are English, Finnish, German, Russian and Basque. Tunerly also has the option of switching between dark and light theme.

Supported tunings are:

* Guitar: Standard, 7 string, 8 string, E-Flat, Drop D, Drop Db, Double Drop D, DADGAD, Open D, Open A, Open E, Open G
* Bass: 4 string, 5 string, 6 string, Drop D, D Standard, Drop C
* Ukulele: C (Standard), D (Traditional), Baritone, Bass

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