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Encrypted email & calendar service - easy to use, secure by design.
Version: 3.88.3
Added: 12-08-2018
Updated: 27-09-2021
Tutanota enables you to use the benefits of the cloud - availability, flexibility, automatic back-up - without compromising on security. With Tutanota's built-in encryption you own your data, no one else can access it. Tutanota comes with a light & beautiful GUI, dark theme included, with instant push notifications, auto-sync, full-text search, swipe gestures and more.

The open source email app Tutanota enables you to send end-to-end encrypted emails to anybody. Even emails that are being sent without end-to-end encryption and all your contacts are stored securely encrypted on the Tutanota servers.

Our passion for privacy.

Tutanota is being built by a team passionate about everybody's right to privacy. We are supported by an amazing community, which enables us to grow our team continuously making Tutanota a success without depending on venture capital interests.

Tutanota respects you & your data:

- Only you can access your encrypted emails & contacts.

- Tutanota does not track or profile you.

- Open source client & apps.

- Innovative full-text search feature lets you easily search your mailbox.

- TLS with support of PFS, DMARC, DKIM, DNSSEC and DANE.

- Secure password reset that gives us absolutely no access.

- 100% developed and located in Germany under strict Data Protection Laws (GDPR).

Official website:
Source code:
With the Tutanota app, you can:

- create your own Tutanota email address (ending in,,, or with 1 GB of free storage.
- create your custom domain email address for €1 per month.
- send and receive end-to-end encrypted emails to anybody.
- send and receive old-fashioned emails (not end-to-end encrypted). Even these emails are stored encrypted on the Tutanota servers.
- automatically encrypt subject, content and attachments.
- get push notifications instantly.
- auto-complete email addresses as you type from your Tutanota or your phone contacts.

The Tutanota app asks for very few permissions to keep your level of privacy to a maximum:

- Full network access: Used to send and receive emails.
- Receive data from the internet: To notify you when you receive a new email.
- View network connections: To find out if an internet connection exists.
- Read your contacts: This enables you to select recipients from your phone's contacts.
- Read from SD card: To allow adding of attachments from the SD card to emails.
- Control vibration: To notify you when you receive a new email.
- Deactivate sleeping mode: To notify you when you receive a new email.
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