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Turn off TVs
Version: 1.3.2
Added: 20-10-2015
Updated: 01-08-2018
Turn off supported TVs using your device's built-in IR-blaster. The app basicly
transmits a variety of off-patterns for different TVs successively, which will
cause most TVs to power down.

If you activate the repetitive-mode, your phone will transmit the off signals
over and over again, even when you close the Application or lock your screen.
This way, you can simply deploy your phone in front of a TV and the TV will turn
itself off again whenever somebody tries to switch it on. (Great for private
screening events)

You can also select an off-pattern that only affects devices from a single
manufacturer, in case you want to turn-off a TV from a specific brand.

TV KILL also includes a widget for your home screen, so you don't even have to
open the app to turn a TV off.
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