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UART Smartwatch

Bluetooth App for a UART-Smartwatch
Version: 3.2
Added: 25-10-2016
Updated: 02-08-2017

This is a bluetooth low energy UART terminal app for a do-it-yourself Smartwatch.

App features:

  • notification buffer
  • is notification to long: use of notification title
  • some emoticons works
  • german Umlaute works
  • transmit more than 20 bytes
  • automatic reconnect

Get firmware, screenshots, documentation and circuit from UART-Smartwatch Website.

UART-Smartwatch firmware features:

  • Press Button 1.5 s: sync the time between watch and phone. Show date and notifications as scrolling chars.
  • Press Button 0.5 s: show the time calculated by the watch. Show the battery level and an analog clock
  • small analog clock
  • digital clock
  • Battery Level
  • more than 18 hours with LiPo 3.7V (170mA)

The DIY smartwatch shows a calculated time without a connection to your phone. This time is a bit faster to pretent problems. It is about 10 second in 6 hours.

Screenshot of UART Smartwatch Screenshot of UART Smartwatch Screenshot of UART Smartwatch
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