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UBIC Wallet

Wallet for the Unconditional Basic InCome
Version: 3.3
Added: 02-05-2019
Updated: 23-07-2019

This is a UBIC wallet for Android smartphones. It is still in an early stage but does provide all the basic functionalities a wallet requires. You can receive your unconditional basic income by scanning your E-Passport via NFC. Your Identity is NOT revealed that way, the Non-transferable proof of Signature Knowledge avoids anonymously the creation of sybil accounts. You can send transactions, receive them and register a passport in order to get you UBIC cryptoUBI.

Passports of the following countries are compatible with UBIC: Switzerland, Germany, Austria (passports after October 2014), United Kingdom, Ireland (passports after May 2016), USA, Australia, China, Sweden, France, Canada, Japan (passports after May 2016), Thailand, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Finland, Luxemburg, Singapore, Hungary, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Ukraine

Screenshot of UBIC Wallet Screenshot of UBIC Wallet Screenshot of UBIC Wallet
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