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Uncle Finney's Poker

Play head-to-head poker and bet Ether
Version: FD-2.03
Added: 22-05-2017
Updated: 22-05-2017

Uncle Finney's Poker is a head-to-head, two player poker game. Unlike many other poker apps, it doesn't deal in fake coins that have no real value. Instead, players bet, win and lose Ether (ETH), an exciting cryptocurrency that has real world value.

Note from Upstream:

We are NOT an online casino, as we don't sell chips, hold your bets or take a "house cut". Instead, bets are deposited, held and paid to the winner by an independent Ethereum smart-contract that charges a tiny escrow fee.

What the heck is a smart contract? What the heck is Ethereum? What on Earth is a cryptocurrency? Check out the Uncle Finney's Poker website to educate yourself about this brave new world, or better yet, just download Uncle Finney's Poker and try it for yourself! .

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