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Url forwarder

Save bookmarks
Version: 0.4.3
Added: 21-08-2016
Updated: 02-07-2021
Provides a bookmarklet functionality: It works by sharing a link from any app
using filters.

Ever used bookmarklet’s in the browser? This app makes it possible to create
filters that forwards an url to another site.

For example, say you have a site called "" that you want to send to
another site called "". Choosing "Url Forwarder" in the share
menu of your browser then lets you pass the current web page you are on to the
site you have created a filter for.

The filters will be displayed in a dialog and just open any app that has an
intent filter for the url in the filter (normally the browser).
Screenshot of Url forwarder Screenshot of Url forwarder Screenshot of Url forwarder
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