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Tool for web developers
Version: 1.0a
Added: 15-12-2013
Updated: 15-12-2013
Eases the pain of entering long URLs into a bunch of test devices by finding
collections of URLs on the local network and allowing you to open them with a
single tap. You can serve links from a GUI app on your workstation or from a
Ruby script on a local development server (source code in same repo).

URLazy finds this list with no configuration required, provided you are
connected to your network via Wi-Fi. This makes it super easy to test your
projects on real devices without manually setting up bookmarks or entering URLs.

This is a better alternative to bookmarks or centralized index pages because new
devices require no set-up and you don't have to edit URLs every time your
environment changes - or if you take your work home. URLazy uses multicast UDP
to find collections of links. If your network administrator enables it, this can
even work across a corporate WAN.
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