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Interface to USB dataloggers.
Version: 1.12-58
Added: 15-06-2020
Updated: 19-10-2020
This app allows to use external USB data loggers together with your tablet computer or smartphone. It implements an interface to temperature, humidity, pressure, sound, voltage, current and or CO-gas concentrations USB dataloggers. (It is supposed to run only on tablet computers and smartphones, which have a USB-(Host)-connection/plug. Android versions >3.1)

It implements following functions:
* Configuration of the logger,
* readout of the configuration,
* Start and Stop of the logging,
* Readout of the measurement data,
* Preview the data in a plot,
* save the data into a file (.csv, .xml or ASCII).
* examine the data in a table or in an interactive plot.

Following datalogger devices are supported:

* Voltcraft DL-120-TH, DL-100-T
* Voltcraft DL-121-TH, DL-101-T, DL-181-THP
* Voltcraft DL-141-TH (experimental)
* Voltcraft DL-200T, DL-210TH, DL-220THP, DL-230L, DL-240K (new)
* LOG32
* Lascar EL-USB-1,2,3,4
* USB500 Series
* FreeTec NC7004-675 black, KG100 (experimental)
* FreeTec NC7004-675 white, ecowitt DS102 (new)
* maybe others (not tested).

Screenshot of USB-Dataloggerreader Screenshot of USB-Dataloggerreader Screenshot of USB-Dataloggerreader
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