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USB Gadget Tool

Convert your Android phone to any USB device you like
Version: 0.4
Added: 11-06-2021
Updated: 11-06-2021
USB Gadget Tool allows you to create and activate USB device roles, like a mouse or a keyboard. Connected USB hosts (e.g. a normal computer) will then identify your Android device only under that role. It can also be used to deactivate the standard USB Gadget (including mtp, adb, etc.), e.g. for security reasons.

Following USB gadgets are integrated:

* Keyboard & Mouse (/dev/hidg0, /dev/hidg1)
* FIDO CTAP (/dev/hidg0; for WebAuthn)
* CCID (/dev/ccid_ctrl, /dev/ccid_bulk)
* UVC camera (/dev/video?)

USB Gadget Tool requires root permissions and a Kernel with ConfigFS support. Currently the app only enables the USB Gadget. For the usage of these device endpoints (e.g. /dev/hidg0) further apps are required.

Screenshot of USB Gadget Tool Screenshot of USB Gadget Tool Screenshot of USB Gadget Tool
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