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USB GPS Provider for Android
Version: v2.2.1
Added: 30-04-2020
Updated: 18-09-2020

UsbGps4Droid is a USB GPS provider for the Android operating system, providing GPS support for devices running Android 4.0 and above.

The application provides location updates to Android which allows devices without an internal GPS to still use applications which require GPS (such as OSMAnd, Google Maps and log tracking software).

I use this USB GPS with my Android Tablet Headunit, because the internal GPS does not work reliably. I have a main controller which automatically starts this application's background service when my car starts.

The application is designed to work with any SiRF USB GPS device, however it has been tested as working with GlobalSat BU-353-S4 and a device based on the UBLOX LEA-M8P chip.

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