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UUID 0xFD6F Scanner

Scan for BluetoothLE Beacons with UUID 0xFD6F
Added: 04-09-2020
Updated: 29-05-2021
The purpose of the app is to scan your current environment for devices running an application that make use of Google's & Apple's ExposureNotification Framework and display the found number as sticky notification (and in the main activity).

This Application creates transparency what is happening around you. If in your country a warn-app is in place that makes use of the Framework you can see how many devices around you have the potential to exchange randomised & anonymous contact tracing information that can help to follow possible infection chains.

Please note that this app does not make use of the ExposureNotification Framework itself - nor it creates any BluetoothLE Beacon - the app also does not store any information about you or other devices that will be detected.

Screenshot of UUID 0xFD6F Scanner Screenshot of UUID 0xFD6F Scanner
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