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Vanilla Lyrics Search

Vanilla Music player Lyrics Search plugin
Version: 1.3.3
Added: 11-01-2017
Updated: 31-10-2019
This app is a plugin. Prior to use it you should have installed. Once both player and this plugin
are installed, request a context menu from library screen, select "Plugins" and
"Lyrics search" afterwards. Note that this plugin requires internet connection
to be useful.

For file tag related operations it also optionally requires to be present.

This plugin allows reading lyrics from file tag or from *.lrc file with same
name. If no lyrics is available from these sources it can also download lyrics
from Lyrics Wiki if it is present for this file's
artist and title.


* Requests lyrics by artist and title from
* Can read lyrics from file tags or *.lrc files and show them without internet connection
* Can write lyrics retrieved from wiki to file tags
Screenshot of Vanilla Lyrics Search Screenshot of Vanilla Lyrics Search Screenshot of Vanilla Lyrics Search
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