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Vanilla Tag Editor

Vanilla Music player Tag Editor plugin
Version: 1.4.11
Added: 08-02-2017
Updated: 22-10-2020
This app is a plugin. Prior to use it you should have installed. Once both player and this plugin
are installed, request a context menu from library screen, select "Plugins" and
"Tag Editor" afterwards.

This plugin can edit metadata tags of the various music files and persist them
to the file being edited. Note that not all music files support storing tags in
metadata as this depends on format.

Also note that artwork fetching and persisting is done in another plugin, that is also available from store.


* Tag editing of multiple audiofile formats (mp3/ogg/flac)
* Any supported tag: Title, Album, Year, Lyrics, etc.
* Lightweight (640 KB in release apk)
Screenshot of Vanilla Tag Editor Screenshot of Vanilla Tag Editor Screenshot of Vanilla Tag Editor
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