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View the EPG and stream TV live from your VDR
Version: 12.60
Added: 22-03-2016
Updated: 22-03-2016
If you have a VDR at home reachable over the internet and own a mobile phone
running Android then you possibly find this program useful. Using it you can
view the EPG and stream live TV to your device.

VDR-Manager has two parts:

* The Android application for the user interface
* A VDR plugin to communicate with. Standard SVDRP is not used because this leads to much more traffic.

Here the some features

* list the EPG filtered by time or channel
* show EPG details
* search EPG for some simple text
* list, modify, delete or (de)activate timers
* create timers from EPG events
* remote wakeup VDR host using HTTP requests
* live tv
Screenshot of VDR-Manager Screenshot of VDR-Manager Screenshot of VDR-Manager
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