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Welcome to Riot: a new world of open communication!
Version: 0.9.9
Added: 11-07-2016
Updated: 03-12-2019

Riot gathers all your conversations and app integrations into one single app.

Built around group chatrooms, Riot lets you share messages, images, videos and files - interact with your tools and access all your different communities under one roof. One single identity and place for all your teams: no need to switch accounts, work and chat with people from different organisations in public or private rooms: from professional projects to school trips, Riot will become the center of all your discussions!

Now with end-to-end encryption! You can view and verify your various devices in the user settings page.

Features include:

  • Instantly share messages, images, videos and files of any kind within groups of any size
  • Voice and video 1-1 and conference calling via WebRTC
  • End-to-end encryption using Olm (<a href=""></a>)
  • See who’s reading your messages with read receipts
  • Communicate with users anywhere in the ecosystem - not just Riot users!
  • Discover and invite users by email address
  • Participate in guest-accessible public rooms
  • Highly scalable - supports hundreds of rooms and thousands of users
  • Fully synchronised message history across multiple devices and browsers
  • Finely configurable notification settings, synchronised over all devices
  • Infinite searchable chat history
  • Permalinks to messages
  • Full message search
  • Excellent support for all Android device sizes and orientations

Note that the F-Droid release does not use GCM for notifications - instead it will keep syncing in the background. If you find that the ongoing background sync is using too much battery, you can add a delay or change the timeout of the sync or even disable background sync completely, in the settings page.

For developers:

  • Riot is a Matrix client - built on the open standard and ecosystem, providing interoperability with all other Matrix compatible apps, servers and integrations
  • Entirely open sourced under the permissive Apache License - get the code from <a href=""></a>. Pull requests welcome!
  • Trivially extensible via the open Matrix Client-Server API (<a href=""></a>)
  • Run your own server! You can use the default server or run your own Matrix home server (e.g. <a href=""></a>)

Coming soon:

  • Add your own integrations, bridges and bots!
  • Email notifications of missed messages and invites
  • Screen sharing
  • Login as multiple users at the same time

Discover truly efficient and open collaboration with Riot!


  • NonFreeNet - Currently the integration server is not configurable in this client and linked to the non-free New Vector implementation. Free alternatives exists but supporting them in Riot Android is still being worked on.

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