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Generate colors from weather information
Version: 1.61
Added: 02-05-2016
Updated: 03-05-2016
Veterondo ("vetero" & "ondo", which are Esperanto for "weather" and "wave"
respectively) retrieves your local weather and creates Material Design based
palettes and procedurally-generated chords out of it.

Veterondo shouldn't be thought of as a traditional weather app. It gives little
traditional information -- instead, it should be thought of as an appliance --
or even a live art piece.

It's at its best when it's running on a device with an AMOLED screen that's
constantly plugged in and placed on a wall. It will refresh regularly,
displaying new palettes and producing new chords as the day progresses.

This means that for Veterondo to work as its creator (yours truly) intended, IT
HAS TO KEEP THE SCREEN ON until you manually turn it off yourself by pressing
your device's power button.

NonFreeNet: OpenWeatherMap service itself is not open source.
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