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reader for one feed and Blog
Version: 2.8
Added: 27-08-2016
Updated: 20-06-2018
NOTE: This app is no longer maintained (its repo was archived).

ViboraFeed is the Vibora Feed Reader of the open source blog
homepage. You can add one additional RSS Url.


* open feed link via notification
* long click: open in Browser, share with..., mark deleted, readed or favorite
* landscape, short click: open feed in a Webview
* search for news around 30 minutes, 1, 3 or 6 hours
* support for some different versions of images in feeds
* nice notification sound
* choose your own LED notification color and behavior
* ONE new feed is ONE new notification
* german or english interface
* uses server response code (304 not modified) to reduce data transfer
* open feed link in your favourite browser
* Search words in the feeds
* nightmode
* blacklist: ignore news, if they contains some keywords
* auto-delete: deletes no favorite feeds after a configurable set of days
* In-App-Notifications: only one head-up window is shown
* recheck every 75 sec, if you have no connection to a network

Do not be afraid! The first refresh generates about 40 notifications, but the
App options menu has a feature to remove all of them.

Tested and works well with:

* Tagesschau
* Deutschlandfunk
* Westdeutsche Zeitung
* t-online News
* yahoo news
* Heise Security

App successfuly tested on Android 4.1.1, 5 and 6

Expunge and Ignore

To reduce the cached informations, single feed news older than 3 days will be
ignored. If you delete single feed news, then they will be destroyed in the
caching system. Because our website (Die Schlange
durch die OpenSource Welt) publishes over a period of 2 weeks and more, this
time is set to 90 days.

Screenshots and More
Screenshot of Single-Feed Screenshot of Single-Feed Screenshot of Single-Feed
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