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Know when a third-party app uses your device camera/microphone
Version: 1.2.3
Added: 19-12-2020
Updated: 05-08-2021
An app that focuses on your privacy and alerts you when a third-party application uses your device camera or microphone and additionally you have:
-Notifications when microphone/camera is used
-Screen dots when microphone/camera is used
-Screen dots customizations when microphone/camera is useed (size, color, screen position)
-History when apps requested permissions
-History when you disconnected/connected your charger
-History when you connected/disconnected your headphones
-History of your notifications
-Lock screen history
-Security sensible device informations
-No useless permissions
-Does not connect to the Internet
-All of your data is encrypted (database and preferences)
-Dark mode/light mode

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