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Vuze Remote

Manage BitTorrent clients
Version: 2.6.1
Added: 15-01-2015
Updated: 10-02-2017
Vuze Remote™ allows you to control your Vuze® desktop client, Transmission
torrent client, or the built-in Vuze client through your mobile device or
Android TV.

Download the Vuze Remote application, scan in your Remote Pairing QR Code from
your Vuze desktop client (or enter it manually), connect and go. Easy to set-up
and effortless to use.


* Search for torrents directly from your device & add to your desktop client
* Manage torrent progress
* Set download/upload speeds
* Adjust torrent and file priorities
* Select files and set queue options when adding torrent
* Create login profiles to connect multiple remote computers
* Simple, easy to use interface
* Advanced login controls and supports Transmission bittorrent client
* Phone, Tablet, and Television user interfaces
* Option to torrent using your current device
* Ad free experience

For a complete step-by-step guide read the
Vuze Remote for Android guide. For
additional help please visit the forum.

Have a suggestion? Please use our
Vuze Remote Voting service.
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