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WaveUp Tasker Plugin

Use this simple Tasker plugin to enable/disable WaveUp at will.
Version: 0.1.4
Added: 29-01-2020
Updated: 31-08-2020
A Tasker[1] plugin to allow to enable and disable WaveUp using Tasker. For the nerdier

This Tasker plugin is based on Termux:Task and is also released under the GPLv3 license[2]. Of course, it's also open source and you can check out the code[3].

@Termux Team[4]: Thank you very much for this cool piece of code!

How to use

★ Create a new Tasker Action.
★ In the resulting Select Action Category dialog, select Plugin.
★ In the resulting Action Plugin dialog, select WaveUp.
★ Edit the configuration to specify whether WaveUp should be enabled or disabled.


Screenshot of WaveUp Tasker Plugin Screenshot of WaveUp Tasker Plugin
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