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Small Weather App with data from
Version: 3.03
Added: 25-01-2021
Updated: 26-07-2021
- current weather
- 7 day forecast
- 48 hour forecast
- weather maps
- changing the city
- multiple cities
- multiple units
- smaller than 5MB

Supported languages:
- English
- German
- Finnish
- Spanish
- Portuguese
- Chinese (traditional)
- Italian
- French
- Dutch
- Serbian
- Russian
- Greek
- Bulgarian
- Georgian
- Armenian

Weather data:
Weather data is provided by, licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0.

Get an API-Key:
Go to and sign up for free. It may take a while before the API-Key is activated!

You have questions, need help to set up the app or simply want to know more about it? Then take a look at the wiki.

Licensed under the EUPL-1.2.

This app is open source.

Icons by E. Flowers & L. Bischoff licensed under SIL OFL 1.1.

Screenshot of Weather Screenshot of Weather Screenshot of Weather
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