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Web Media Share

Browser for viewing, sharing, or casting media from websites
Version: v1.4
Added: 11-09-2018
Updated: 14-03-2021
WebMediaShare is an app to browse your favourite media websites (e.g. online
streaming sites, online radio stations, etc.) so that you can:

* view the content without ads/popups/redirects/etc.
* share music from a streaming site to a media player app like VLC, so that it continues playing even if the screen is off
* send the media to your TV or Hifi (e.g. via the Kore app for Kodi, This works like Chromecast, but without the need for the Chromecast device, a Google account, Google Play Services, or special support for the site.
* share the media URL to friends on chats or email
* share the media to an app for downloading

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