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Web Opac

Convenient access to 1,000+ public and academic libraries
Version: 6.4.1
Added: 20-09-2013
Updated: 22-10-2021
This free and open source Android app enables convenient mobile access to
catalogues and user accounts of more than 1,000 public and academic libraries,
most of them currently in the German-speaking countries (Deutschland,
Österreich, Schweiz), but also some in Australia, Canada, Italia, Nederland,
Polska, United Kingdom, United States, Ελλάς and Россия.

Features of the app:

* Search in the catalogue of your library
* Watchlist for books
* Search for ISBN with barcode scanner

And in some libraries:

* View of lent media (also with multiple accounts)
* Prolonging of lent books and cancellation of reservations
* Reservation of books
* Notification when books need to be returned (no warranty)
* View of information about the library (e.g. opening hours)

The list of supported libraries is available on
our website.

Tracking as it comes with Sentry which cannot be disabled by the user.
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