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Search the web from within apps
Version: 1.0.4
Added: 20-01-2014
Updated: 29-04-2014
If an app allows you to select plain text then the selected text is shared to
this app, which in turn, opens it in your search engine of choice, provided it
obeys the OpenSearch format.

You manage your search engines on the admin UI. You can import engines from an
url, or you can add new engines by hand: for examples, see OpenSearch engines
from Mycroft project and

If you tap the import icon on the action bar, a dialog will appear. You have to
fill the url edit box, then tap the import button. You have to fill in at least
the name and the url fields. There is a paste icon on the right side of the url
field; if you tap this icon, it will paste a "{searchTerms}" string into the url
field. This is necessary because this string will be replaced by your search
string in the url.
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