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Whale shark and sardines

Live wallpaper
Version: 1.0.11
Added: 30-11-2012
Updated: 12-02-2013
NOTE: This app seems no longer maintained.

This simulates a school of sardines using the BOIDS algorithm. If your device
become slow or choppy, please adjust the settings. There is now an option to
suppress the notification though this can always be done by going to App Info,
if you use Android 4.1+.

* You can increase the number of sardine to 150
* You can change the speed that the sardine swims
* You can change the speed that the whale shark swims
* Sardines goes where you touched screen
* You can enable "a school of sardines" function
* You can change distance from a viewpoint to the center of the aquarium
* There are viewpoint modes both of a sardine and a whale shark

The Admob replacement MobAdMob was included to get the app to build.
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