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Wi-Fi Matic

Toggle Wi-Fi based on location
Version: 1.3.6
Added: 07-01-2014
Updated: 30-06-2015
Activates and deactivates Wi-Fi depending on your location, helping you to save
battery and consumption of data through your cellular network.

It detects automatically the location of known Wi-Fi networks; turns on Wi-Fi
when you arrive a place where there is Wi-Fi, and turns it off when you leave.
Simply turn start the app once, enable WiFi where you need to and the app will
learn over time.

It uses network location services only, which are normally provided by Google
Apps though there is a solid replacement by NoGapps project.

Of course, cellular connectivity itself is a large battery drainer and you’d be
better off to leave the phone in Airplane mode when you can.
Screenshot of Wi-Fi Matic Screenshot of Wi-Fi Matic Screenshot of Wi-Fi Matic
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