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Wifi Remote Play

Media remote control
Version: 1.13
Added: 31-10-2013
Updated: 15-05-2017
Wifi Remote Play is a remote control app for the video players Media Player
Classic (MPC) and VideoLan Client (VLC), allowing you to control it over a Wi-Fi


* Remote control for: Play, pause, skip forwards/backwards through a track, jump to any point in the track, and jump to previous/next track.
* Status shows current track, position, and length.
* Volume control, and mute.
* File browser to select new tracks, playlists video files (Media Player Classic only).
* Toggle between windowed and full screen mode.
* Controls for DVD interface (Media Player Classic only).
* Symbian version downloaded 2.5 million times since 25 January 2012 - now available for Android!

For this to work, you need to enable the web interface (for either VLC or Media
Player Classic). VLC also now requires a password to be set. For your "IP
Address", run "Command Prompt" on the PC where VLC or Media Player Classic is
playing, and type ipconfig. It should be listed under "IPv4 Address". If you are
having trouble setting up, please check out the webpage/Online Help for advice.
Screenshot of Wifi Remote Play Screenshot of Wifi Remote Play Screenshot of Wifi Remote Play
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