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Wikivoyage European Travels

Offline version of the Wikivoyage Travel Guide
Version: 2018-10
Added: 06-02-2019
Updated: 06-02-2019

Wikivoyage is a free travel guide that allows you to browse all the information you need about every destination in Europe without an internet connection: no roaming fees when you are traveling abroad!

Wherever you go, get tips about:

  • How to get from the airport to the city
  • What are the must-see
  • What to eat/drink, including a selection of restaurants and bars
  • Where to sleep, depending on your budget
  • Local customs, how to stay safe, everything you need to know
  • Basic phrasebook

Complete with region/city maps and pictures.

Wikivoyage is written by volunteers, it is the "Wikipedia of travel guides" and is run by the same non-profit as Wikipedia (Wikimedia). If you notice an error or want to add touristic information, please edit the relevant article at, your contribution will be included in the next release. Powered by Kiwix.

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