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WonderDroid X

Bandai Wonderswan emulator
Version: 3.1
Added: 05-09-2019
Updated: 05-09-2019
WonderDroid X, based on WonderDroid, is a WSC emulator. It comes with many
features you’d expect, including support for both monochrome and color
games, cartridge saves, external keyboard controls, save/load states*,
frame skip and sharpness adjustments, and more.

Languages/言語: English, 日本語, 繁體中文, 简体中文


* No games are bundled with the emulator.
* WonderDroid X is not officially supported on tablet devices.
* This project is not affiliated with or licensed by BANDAI Co., Ltd.
* Android is a trademark of Google LLC.

* Save/load states is an experimental feature that’s currently being rolled out.
Screenshot of WonderDroid X Screenshot of WonderDroid X
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