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Solve Wordle and Gurgle puzzles
Version: 1.02
Added: 06-02-2022
Updated: 12-03-2022
* Multiple coloured themes

Usually solves Wordle and Gurgle puzzles in four tries.

Uses solver code from

Letters that are shown green in the puzzle (Wordle, Gurgle) go in the first green row in the correct place. Yellow letters go in the next yellow rows in the correct place. Letters shown grey go in the last row in any order.

Tap either the next button on the keyboard or the solve button in the toolbar. The next button only works if there is text where the cursor is, so it can be used to move to the next slot without triggering a search. The app will show a list of possible next guesses at the bottom under the keyboard if on a small phone.

Screenshot of WordleSolver Screenshot of WordleSolver
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