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Display a world map
Version: 2.0.2
Added: 30-03-2013
Updated: 30-03-2013
WorldMap is a simple Android app that displays

a map
of the world taken from Wikimedia and allows the user to scroll around on
it. The map is licensed as PD-USGOV; PD-USGOV-CIA-WF - more info

The map itself is quite large (6480x3888), so it’s way too big to fit in memory
all at once (over 48MB). The VM heap size Android supports is either 16 or 24
megs, so we can’t fit the whole thing in memory at once. To overcome this,
WorldApp uses the BitmapRegionDecoder API (available as of Android 2.3.3) to
decode just what it needs to display. The app can also serve as a viewer for
arbitrary images opened via a (3rd-party) file manager.
Screenshot of WorldMap Screenshot of WorldMap
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