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UPNP/DLNA Client and Server
Version: 2.3.0
Added: 16-08-2013
Updated: 06-04-2019
After a few years of silence Yaacc is back! The App allows you to play media
from UPNP/DLNA devices in your network on your android device or any capable
UPNP/DLNA device in your network. It is also possible to start an UPNP/DLNA
server on your device in order to play media from your device on any UPNP/DLNA
renderer in your network.


* UPNP/DLNA Server
* UPNP/DLNA Client
* UPNP/DLNA Controller
* Control multiple media receivers
* Multiple Receivers
* Allow download files to the device
* Implemented parts of UPnP Version 3 at once (sending synchronization information to the renderer)
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