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Flashcards based language learning app
Version: v0.3.4
Added: 16-12-2021
Updated: 16-12-2021
Yokatta© is an open-source flashcards based language learning app using spaced repetition.
The algorithm is heavily influenced by SuperMemo's SM-2 and follows best practices using
Android Architecture Components provided by Google.

App features:

* selectable themes

* randomize order of flashcard during review

* review animation for visual feedback

* "sligtly-off" toast when answer submitted is not quiet correct

* haptic feedback when submitting an empty answer

* recording pronunciation

* double press "back-button" to exit review

* auto focus input field

* display diagrams to show how many review items have been taken

* swipe gesture to delete/modify existing flashcards

* swipe gestures to easily delete/modify existing flashcards

* search a specific flashcard

* export flashcards to JSON

Open source repository:

Screenshot of Yokatta Screenshot of Yokatta Screenshot of Yokatta
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