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Car Navigation System
Version: 2.0.57
Added: 02-08-2015
Updated: 23-06-2017
Fork of that drops support for other platforms and
solely focuses on Android. It’s designed to be "install and start using", so no
fiddling with settings and xml files.

You can further improve the translations at
Menu Translations
and Translations.

Here are some screenshots:


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* new drive-home widget (works only if the app is installed in phone, NOT sdcard)
* index search
* support to show GPX files
* 3D mode
* works offline (offline navigation)
* world overview map
* tunnels are visible on map
* bridges visible on map
* search offline OR online
* spoken directions in many languages
* uptodate OSM maps
* select your language in the application
* map preview on search results
* aGPS
* last destination list (bookmarks)
* add waypoints
* show waypoints on map
* full world map download
* free zoom level with pinch zoom
* enter coordinates (lat,lon) manually
Screenshot of ZANavi Screenshot of ZANavi Screenshot of ZANavi
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