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Zim Launcher

Powerful launcher with smart features to make your device easy to use
Version: 0.6.2b
Added: 06-02-2019
Updated: 30-05-2019
Open Source and free Launcher for Android based on and

Main Features

* Row and Columns config
* Three indicator Style mode
* Minibar support with custom color configuration

* Two rows support
* Background Size

App Drawer:
* Row and Columns configuration
* Vertical Layout
* Hide Apps
* Label Size and color configuration
* Custom Scrollbar
* Most used apps support and configuration (5 or 10)
* Widgets by long click

* Theme Color Change
* Theme Black, Dark and Light
* Icon Size
* Icon Pack support
* Icon Shape support

* Show notification counts in folder

* Icon Badge support in apps and Folder
* Icon badge color configuration.
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