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Client for SMTH BBS
Version: 22.04.29
Added: 18-05-2022
Updated: 18-05-2022
zSMTH is an ad-free, open source Mizuki community Android client. iSO platform has the same source project SMTH-iOS. This client has the following features:

* Post graphics mixed display, support GIF animation, long press the post to pop up the function menu;
* Support the display of super-long pictures; full-screen view and zoom of picture attachments; view picture Exif information and save pictures to local;
* Show Like of posts, add new Like;
* Show IP source;
* Reminder of letters, replies, @, Like events;
* Quick search of all forum listings (support Chinese and English partial matching);
* Share posts to SNS networks, including WeChat friends, WeChat circle of friends, Sina Weibo, etc.

and more.
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