Best of F-Droid

Fossdroid get the popularity data (most popular and trending tabs) through Piwik API mostly elaborating the pageviews and the downloads.
In this way it’s possible to list the top 10 best apps/games viewed on (last 6 months):

  1. Yalp Store
    Download apks from Google Play Store
  2. DNS66
    Block ads/hosts via DNS
  3. WebTube
    Play YouTube videos
  4. NewPipe
    Lightweight YouTube frontend
  5. MaterialOS
    Material Design CyanogenMod 12/12.1 theme
  6. F-Droid
    Application manager
  7. Trycorder
    Upgrade your mobile device to a full-fledged tricorder
  8. Open Camera
    Camera App
  9. Mi Manga Nu
    Manga reader
  10. Simple Solitaire Collection
    Simple solitaire klondike game

As you can see the Yalp Store wins the battle: it allows Android users to download apks from Play Store without OpenGapps/others (you should create a fake Gmail account because this app violates the Play Store ToS).
The statistics regarding the total number of app-downloads of F-Droid could be/are different because Piwik elaborates the data from fossdroid site and only F-Droid knows the real stats (this explain why F-Droid is not in the first position).